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ProTech Poly

Presto! Gelcoat Rejuvenator for Boats & RV's...Now with Ceramic!

Presto! Gelcoat Rejuvenator for Boats & RV's...Now with Ceramic!

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PRESTO! CGR™ is based on PRESTO! PRO™. PRESTO! CGR™ is specially modified to work on plastics beyond just automotive paints. In addition to all of the properties of PRO™, CGR™ is designed to stop fiberglass and gel coat oxidation (that annoying white residue) and work on almost ALL other plastics. While we originally stood behind GCR™ for 5 years, our customers report this is a permanent solution to oxidation and other plastic fading problems.


WHAT RESULTS CAN I EXPECT? The way the surface looks when it’s wet is what this product will permanently make the surface look like.



  • Recondition and protect RV caps, Sides, and Tops
  • Recondition automotive cladding
  • Designed for use on fiberglass and gel coat to stabilize and prevent oxidation
  • Revive/recondition most faded outdoor plastics, including decals, boot stripes, and anti-slip areas
  • Revive/recondition powder-coated parts and instrument trim
  • Revive/recondition Carbon fiber hoods, parts, and panels (may require 2+ applications)
  • Revive/recondition faded automotive plastic trim, bumpers, and running boards
  • Seal, stabilize, and protect exposed color coat due to missing automotive clear coat
  • Fill and seal Minor Scratches & Scuffs automotive Clear Coats
  • Eliminate those “spider web” scratches from car washes with one simple wipe-on coat
  • Impart scratch and scuff resistance up to 3 to 4 times greater than normal clear paints
  • Impart protective properties against:

Cure time:     As fast as 1 hour in full sunlight at 80F. Overcast conditions and colder temperatures extend the cure time.

Temperature:     Apply at temperatures above 55F because it takes longer to self-level at cooler temperatures.

Coverage:     100 Sq. Ft. per US. Fl. Oz. GENERALLY (99% of the time), one coat is enough. Typically, a 2US. Fl. Oz. A bottle will cover up to TWO small to medium-sized cars – bumper to bumper. 

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