Application Tips

This product is a self leveling, wipe-on product and should be applied at temperatures above 55 degrees.  Protect this product from freezing by storing it above 32 degrees.  Protect the contents from sunlight! 

NEVER pour this product directly onto the work surface as it will harden.

1. Wash & Dry the surface. Wash the clearcoat surface with soap and water.  Allow the surface to dry completely before applying the product.

2. Shake the bottle before using.  If possible, apply the product in the morning while the UV levels are low, or apply it in the shade, or apply the product in the shadow of your body.  Using a papertowel, squeeze a couple of drops and lightly spread on the work surface.  Do Not Rub Hard.  As the towel starts to harden, replace the papertowel.  Protect surface from dirt & water until dry to the touch.